Jay Inslee dropped by to stand with us against domestic violence.

Stand Up Men is a community of men in the San Juan Islands who care deeply about the issues at hand and are willing to stand up against domestic violence and sexual assault.  The Stand Up Men operate independently of SAFE San Juans, raising awareness and raising funds for the agency to help its staff provide school and community prevention education. Though we share common interests, the Stand Up Men do not operate under SAFE San Juans guidance, supervision or instruction.  When they conduct their vigils or ask people to donate to SAFE, they do so as concerned citizens operating entirely on their own.

Statistics show that school prevention can dramatically reduce the chances students will perpetrate or stand by when witnessing domestic violence or sexual assault.  Though SAFE San Juans receives federal and state funding, the agency is only allowed to use a small portion of that funding for its prevention work. This leaves a large deficit that needs community financial support if SAFE San Juans is to offer its free prevention education to island schools and communities."

The Stand Up Men invite you to stand with them to support SAFE San Juans' prevention education programs in our county schools and communities.

Please either donate here by credit card or mail a check to SAFE San Juans, P.O. Box 1516, Eastsound, WA 98245 (Payable to SAFE San Juans).  Write "Stand Up Men" in the memo box in recognition of these fine men.  
SAFE San Juans is a 501c3 non-profit organization; your donation can be used as a tax-deductible contribution.  


History of the Stand Up Men

The idea for Stand Up Men started in 2015 with a fundraiser by SAFE (DVSAS at the time). The campaign sought 100 men to stand up and donate $100 in honor of someone in their lives who deserved to live free of abuse. Through an overwhelming response, men began asking what they could do in addition to giving money and Stand Up Men naturally evolved as an action group.

Stand Up Men is a grassroots movement for men by men and a core group visible in Friday Harbor and the San Juan Island community. These men stand up to show that they care about their community and everyone in it. They stand at the courthouse every Friday afternoon (rain, shine, or snow!), meet every month, and work together to raise money for SAFE San Juans through visibility at the county fair, farmers market, Fourth of July parade and SAFE San Juans fundraisers.

Please contact us below if you would like any more information: