Loving Yourself: Online Support Forum

Give yourself a voice and participate in an anonymous 5-week online group forum for the San Juan Islands community. Be nurtured and empowered through weekly self-care practices and writing prompts. This group will be facilitated by trained Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Therapists, Advocates, and Prevention Specialists. The online support forum begins on March 27th, and will end April 28th.

Explored topics include:
Reconnecting with Passions & Joys
Cultivating Gratitude
Identifying Strengths
Positive Body-Image & Positive Self-Talk
Giving Your Feelings a Voice
Celebrating Successes
Love In Action
Loving Lessons through Life’s Challenges

Who is it for?
This online support forum is open and available to anyone over the age of 18 who wishes to participate, who is living in the San Juan Islands. You will create a username and will be free to remain anonymous while receiving the practices and support you need to be nurtured and empowered.

How does it work?
You are invited to register for the free online support forum, “Loving Yourself,” where you will find two new prompts each week to facilitate your process of self-care and empowerment. Share your experiences with the group through your writing, and receive support from our therapists, advocates, and preventionists.

This online support forum is here for you to:
-connect with community in a safe and private way.
-connect with supportive therapists, advocates, and preventionists.
-express your voice, your heart, and your experience.
-learn new practices of nurturing self-care so you can love yourself more fully.

There will also be a page to share #metoo experiences: give your experience a voice.

Be held in the nurturing support of our therapists- as they facilitate your process in this shared experience. Stay tuned for more information.